Gelish Dip - Fairest Of Them All

Gelish Dip - Fairest Of Them All

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Gelish brings you 'Fairest Of Them All' Gelish Dip. An immaculate durable dipping system which features a soak off finale. Forget about your UV/ LED light it wont be needed!


  1. Gelish Dip Prep. Apply one coat to prepped nail. Follow with Gelish Dip Base Coat.
  2. Gelish Dip Base Coat. Apply Gelish Dip Base Coat to a nail and dip into Dip powder. ...
  3. Gelish Activator. Apply activator to all nails. ...
  4. Gelish Top Coat. Apply two thin even Top coats to each nail and let air dry.