1000 Hour Self Tanning Mitt 1pc
1000 Hour

1000 Hour Self Tanning Mitt 1pc

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The 1000 Hour Tanning Mitt sit's under the Bodyefex brand. With the new and improved applicator mitt help's you get more out of your tanning product. The mitt contains denser fibres so the mitt transfers more of the product onto your skin.

The mitt is made using a special soft-touch material that helps spread any type of self tan lotion/cream/mousse evenly onto your skin. The backing is made of stretch polyester, allowing you to place your hand comfortably and securely inside the tanning mitt to maintain complete control.

  • Streak free finish
  • Stain free hands
  • Ultra fine mitt for flawless self tan application
  • Machine washable
  • Maximum coverage
  • Non absorbent fabric