Ardell Lash Applicator

Ardell Lash Applicator

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This curved easy-to-use tool that lets you apply your favorite magnetic lashes with absolute speed and precision.

Ardell has designed this vibrant pink shade lightweight plastic applicator to simplify every step of the application process. Likewise, a side grip handle maximizes visibility and offers superior control when aligning lashes. And when it comes to connecting upper and lower magnetics together, our applicator swiftly secures them to one another with a simple press-and-release move. 


- Easy to use, easy to release

- Lightweight plastic applicator with magnetically trimmed prongs

- Curved prongs hug natural lash line for seamless application

- Compatible with all magnetic lash strips and accents

- Simplifies magnetic lash application for novices & experts alike

- Side grip allows for maximum visibility and superior control during application