Mini Portable UV Steriliser - BLUE
Mini Portable UV Steriliser - BLUE
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Mini Portable UV Steriliser - BLUE

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The small Mini Steriliser makes it easy to disinfect tools anywhere.
99.9% perfect sterilisation with UV ultraviolet rays In just 20 minutes. 
Economical and convenient to carry.
Chromium plating sterilisation .
The chrome-plated tray reflects light so beauty , pedicure or manicure tools are sterilised.
Provides Sterilisation and storage at the same time. 
Can be used to store tools on the table also can be provided as a service that sterilises customer’s belongings ie phone
How to use
1. Open the lower part of the unit.
2. Remove the sterilisation tray
3. Put tools or accessories to be sterilised in the sterilisation tray.
When the unit is closed, it automatically turns on and starts sterilisation for 20 minutes.
1. Do not look at the UV lamp directly.
2. Do not apply severe impact or immerse in water
3. Keep the inside clean
4. Do not push the USB too hard.

made in Korea